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Vision Keeper

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Living in Balance and Harmony requires knowing what to "do" with our lives

It's about identifying our life purpose, creating a clear vision of how to serve that purpose, and doing the right work each day to live that vision.

Vision driven people know who they are,
what they want, and what they need to be successful. Are you vision-driven?

My work as a vision keeper is to help you become more authentic, focused, and skillful.

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Wholistic Educator

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Living in balance and harmony means
understanding how life "works", i.e. systems, energy flow, relationships, etc.

It's about recognizing life's great patterns and using this expanded awareness to improve the quality of our health, work, and relationships.

A wholistic education involves identifying all our material and spiritual resources and integrating them into a balanced and harmonious whole.

My work as a wholistic educator is to help you successfully apply Big Picture knowledge to improve the quality of your daily life. spacer image

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Freedom Projects

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Living in Balance and Harmony requires
full awareness, good choices, and
the freedom to act on our choices

Conditions in the world today aren't supporting our freedom of choice and action. Those with greed-based agendas and the need for power and control are attempting to restrict us.

Freedom Projects respond to these threats by helping us reclaim our human rights, increase our choices, and access the vital resources we all need to thrive.

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