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Circles are now forming in
the Vernon-Enderby BC area

Contact: Michaelg

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Circle Themes

Each of our Growth Circles revolve around a shared theme that all members have agreed that they would like to work on.

Whether it's a difficult relationship, burn out at work, the loss of a loved one, a lack of enthusiasm for life, etc., when there are 8-12 people who are sincere in their desire to work on an issue, we'll form a Circle around it.

I believe the major issues we face in our lives today involve our Health, Work, and Relationships. Here are some suggested Circle themes. Please remember it's you, the Circle hosts and members, who decide what themes you want to explore.

Health Themes
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-  de-stressing our lives
-  quieting our over-active thoughts and emotions
-  getting the right exercise, food, and inner practices integrated in our daily routines

Work Themes
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-  overworked and burned out
-  bringing meaning and values to our work
-  doing our right work

Relationship Themes
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-  identifying and expressing our needs at work and at home
-  creating win-win relationships
-  coping with separation and divorce

When you're ready to join or host a Circle, please mention in your e-mail what themes interest you.

I hope to see you soon at one of our Circles. Be Well. Michael

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Circle Benefits

get what you need through
co-operation and connection
with others

see things differently,
develop new enthusiasm

resolve issues preventing you
from feeling real, alive,
and connected with others

save money on counselling
and therapy fees

develop new friendships
and build community

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