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Michaelg, Vancouver, B.C.

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Organic Food
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Access to quality food is a vital part of being healthy, self reliant, and free. Freedom Projects encourage lifestyles that enable us to choose the foods we eat and how those foods are produced. The current reality is that transnational Agribusiness corporations and the bankers behind them are trying to control the whole food production process for their own $ profit by restricting our food choices.

Agribusiness approaches include the use of petroleum-based fertilizers, mono culture practices, the application of herbicides and pesticides, and the use of patented plant varieties that are bred for everything but taste and nutrition. Their profit-making approaches are literally being shoved down our throats and certainly don't have our health interests in mind. Agribusiness food may look like real food but it rarely is! It provides us with little energy and lacks the full range of nutrients we need.

Through economic pressures applied on them, many of our farmers have reluctantly become part of a global agribusiness system. This does not serve our farmers best interests and certainly not our own! Fortunately there are men and women who are resisting this model and continue to farm in harmony with nature and our human needs. It is these farmers who we will partner with as we begin to operate our organic food bulk buying projects.

If you are unable to move to a farm and grow your own healthy food, this Freedom Project offers you the opportunity to buy fresh, organically grown food produced by local farmers. Please note that the operations of the club are Internet-based and requires that you have access to e-mail.

Here's how our organic food bulk buying systems may work: (beginning Summer-Fall, 2013)
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1. You'll fill in a registration form and decide whether you want to assist in the project organization or simply be a participant in the organic food bulk buying project. As an organizer you'll be asked to devote a few hours of your time each month and will not pay any service fees. As a user-participant you'll pay a monthly service fee and simply order and pick up your food without any other responsibilities. The registration form will be e-mailed to you when you contact Michael. [see below]
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2. On a regular schedule you'll receive an e-mail menu (items and prices) of what's currently available from our farmers and distributors. Distribution of food will be done once - twice monthly. At least 10s days before the distribution dates, you'll e-mail us your "shopping list". (form provided)
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3. Your order will be distributed to one of several pickup points around the greater Vancouver area. You'll be contacted when your order is ready and you can pick it up at the designated day/time/place. We ask that you place a minimum order of the least ten dollars and pay for your order in full at the time a pickup.
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4. Because we believe in human values and community service, we will make special arrangements with those who are handicapped, infirm, or need our community's help in some way. We will also try, whenever possible, to partner with other community service organizations.
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Note: Each organic food buying group requires a minimum of 25-50 people ordering regularly in order to begin operations. Target start up date for our first group is Summer-Fall 2013. Please spread the word!



Contact Us


Interested in participating in our organic food bulk buying projects in the greater Vancouver area?

Please contact Michael  michael"at"michaelg.ca  (replace "at" with @). You'll be sent a sign-up form and be kept informed of upcoming meetings and when this project will begin operations.

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