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Michaelg, Vancouver, B.C.

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Trading products and
services without
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Each day we are being forced to make stressful and unhealthy decisions regarding the type of work we do, how we parent and educate our children, where we live, what we eat, etc. These decisions are usually based on the quantity of money we have managed to save each month. Most of us work hard to produce real products and services yet never seem to get ahead.

Taxes, compound interest on our mortgages and loans, the cost of conforming with a growing number of regulations, fees of all kinds, increasing costs of living; the current money system feels like it's working against us; and it is!

Fractional reserve banking system with its debt-based money is the greatest single threat to our autonomy and self reliance as human beings The system allows privileged individuals and institutions to create money out of thin air, earn interest on this "fictitious" money by lending it to our governments and institutions, who in turn lend it to us; at interest of course! (research "fractional reserve", "compound interest")

Today's money system operates like a giant, pyramid-shaped, multi-level marketing scheme. The few individuals and families at the top get richer without providing any real products and services (just fictitious money) while the majority of us work hard each day to simply survive in the system. The pervasive influence of debt-money in our lives has turned us into wage slaves, but it doesn't have to be this way?

Imagine a day when the quality of the services and products we provide to our community, not the paper money we make, determines our access to the resources we need to flourish?

We believe that our path to economic freedom lies in reducing our dependency on debt-based currency and becoming part of a new money system, one that builds strong communities and win-win relationships among providers and users of local products and services.

Well we have now found the new money system we've been looking for and invite you to find out more and become one of its new users.

Introducing the Community Exchange System (CES)
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The Vancouver Freedom Circle has partnered with the Community Exchange System (CES), a global network of community-based products and services exchanges. We now join over 500 exchanges who are part of a global movement to create a new money system.

Our new Vancouver exchange is known as CES-Vancouver and we are happy to announce that it has it's own dedicated web site. The address is www.cesvancouver.ca

Please visit the CES-Vancouver site for full details and become part of the new community trading spirit!

Note: Our community exchange system (CES) needs a critical mass of users to begin offering the rich variety of goods and services we all need and want. We're now in the pioneering stage so be patient as the number of users grow. Please register now and help spread the word!



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