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Rural Enterprises



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A city is a challenging place to develop self reliance and self-sufficiency. Without a land base on which to build our own homes, grow crops, raise animals, etc., we are forced to pay others to provide for our basic needs i.e. food, energy, shelter, etc. This dependency on the need for debt-based money and a lack of basic survival skills makes us city residents highly vulnerable to nature's fury and various forms of manipulation and control.

Country folks involved in growing crops, raising animals, building structures, maintaining machinery and equipment, understanding and working with weather and ecological patterns, etc., usually have a greater base of survival and self reliance skills than their city counterparts.

Therefore it's only natural that we have a strong attraction for and connection with rural living, especially if food production and small-scale enterprises are involved. One stream of Freedom Projects involves renting - purchasing rural properties where project participants can thrive by:

  • growing organic food for their own needs, supplying our organic food bulk buying groups with fresh produce, and trading their produce in our community exchange system (CES) .

  • running small-scale enterprises to produce useful products for trade. Examples; wool from alpacas, soap making, pre-fab shelters, pottery and crafts, etc. The possibilities are limited only by the availability of skills and the current marketplace needs.

Our Land Search Continues
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We are looking for rural properties of 5 - 25+ acres within a 1.25 hrs drive from Vancouver where we can work on several self reliance projects simultaneously. We're planning year round organic food production projects ( greenhouse-centred), as well as several small-scale manufacturing enterprises. We are looking to partner with land owners who have a genuine "feel" for their land and are not just holding land for speculation or housing development. We need partners who respect our projects and are prepared to work with us in creating win-win arrangements e.g. reduced or no-rent options in exchange for the food and other products we produce, and more.

Do you know a neighbour or someone who owns a rural property that they would like to put to better use? Does your church own an unused or under-used summer camp or rural retreat that has become too expensive to maintain? Are you a real estate agent sympathetic to our intentions? We ask all Freedom Circles supporters to be watchful for any land opportunities that we can make use of for rural enterprises.


Contact Us


If you are interested in participating in a rural enterprise project or living in a rural intentional community, please contact Michael  michael"at"michaelg.ca  (replace "at" with @)

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