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Intentional Rural Community (IRC) Project

The project is about creating an intentional rural community (irc) where people can live in balance and harmony. My vision was one of people living in a beautiful natural environment who use wholistic approaches to grow food, build shelters, create enterprises, participate in cultural activities, while being of service to their neighbours and the wider community..

I initiated the project in 2006, created a 9-page proposal / invitation in which I described my IRC vision, what I was prepared to commit to the project, what I needed in return, suggested time frames, etc. Update May 5, 2013: This proposal is about seven years old now and much has changed in my own life and in the world. If you live in B.C. and are serious about being part of a rural community, send me an e-mail at

Supporting the IRC proposal is a Land Acquisition Guide which can be used to identify the positive and negative features of any rural property being considered for rental or purchase. If you would like a copy, download it from the links below in either PDF or MS Word format. All feedback is most welcome. Update May 5, 2013: I believe this material is still valid and potentially useful for those who are looking to purchase rural land.

image of PDF format icon   Download Land Acquisition Guide in PDF version  here
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image of MS Word icon    Download Land Acquisition Guide in MS Word version  here

Cross-Canada Trip: To find our more about IRCs, I travelled across Central and Western Canada in 2007 visiting other forming and existing IRCs as well as giving talks and workshops on wholism. I created a travel journal to share some insights and keep people informed of what took place. The journal ends in April, 2008. I hope you enjoy it.

If you believe in wholistic principles and practices I encourage you to pool your resources and create a special communities in which to live and work. With conditions as they are in the world I'd say the timing is right! Be Well and Be Prepared. Michaelg

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