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Where I Stand
I Strongly Support:
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1. full human rights and freedoms
2. conscious, balanced living
3. co-operative approaches
4. authentic spiritual practices
5. consultation and democracy
6. non-violent protest
7. a free and open Internet
8. dr hamer's german new medicine
9. organic agriculture & gardening
10. fair trade practices
11. natural healing practices
12. mutual credit money systems

I Want to Help Change
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or Non-Violently Resist
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1. one world government and army
2. competitive, divisive models
3. monetizing all human activities
4. partisan, corrupt money systems
5. the drugs-surgery medical model
6. unhealthy agribusiness practices
7. chemtrails, HAARP, mind control

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irc project
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travel journal


Articles Library

The changes I'm experiencing as a human being in training are being reflected in the subject matter and content of my articles. Articles # 1 - 7 are about universal patterns and personal growth. Articles # 8 and # 9 are more about what's happening in the world today and their effects on us all.

To be honest, the last few years I've lost interest in writing as my energy has turned to a combination of nwo research (article #9) and freedom projects. But this may change.

Update May 13, 2013: To speed up the time from inspiration to published article, I've created a blog with material not found here.
(my blog (link is slow in Internet Explorer, seems fine in Firefox, please be patient)

My library contains a glossary of terms, eight articles that I've written over the last fourteen years, and one article being re-written. They are all presented in pdf format and you are welcome to print and re-distribute them as long you acknowledge my authorship and don't try to sell them.

I recommend that you start with the Glossary to prepare for the articles that follow. Technical Note: You will need to have a pdf reader such as SumatraPDF or  AdobeReader to view my articles.

Index Title Links


Glossary of Wholistic Terms
Article 1. An Introduction to Wholism
Article 2. Universal Laws: The Great Patterns of Life
Article 3. Relationships: The Dances of Life
Article 4. Spirituality & Science: Embracing Both Sisters
Article 5. The Seven Elements of Personal Growth
[now being re-written]
Article 6. Identifying a Healthy Spiritual Practice
Article 7. The Balancing Act
Article 8. Concerns about the New Age Movement
Article 9. The New World Order; A Real Threat to Our Freedom


Be Prepared and Be Well,
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Michael's signature
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Michael Greenstein, wholistic educator


My Passions

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Vision Keeping
helping individuals and groups
find and live their visions

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Growth Circles
resolving challenges with the
loving support of others

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Freedom Circle logo
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Freedom Projects
to exercise our rights,
increase our choices.
reclaim our resources

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Freedom Circle logo
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Online Education
Living in Balance and Harmony,
a big picture of human life.

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Public Presentations
to motivate, inspire, and provide
important whole life information

last update: May13, 2013
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