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Where I Stand
I Strongly Support:
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1. full human rights and freedoms
2. conscious, balanced living
3. co-operative approaches
4. authentic spiritual practices
5. consultation and democracy
6. non-violent protest
7. a free and open Internet
8. dr hamer's german new medicine
9. organic agriculture & gardening
10. fair trade practices
11. natural healing practices
12. mutual credit money systems

I Want to Help Change
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or Non-Violently Resist
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1. one world government and army
2. competitive, divisive models
3. monetizing all human activities
4. partisan, corrupt money systems
5. the drugs-surgery medical model
6. unhealthy agribusiness practices
7. chemtrails, HAARP, mind control

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irc project
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travel journal


Wholistic Education

A wholistic education gives us a big picture understanding of the living systems, energies, and relationships we engage with each day. It identifies all our resources and offers tools to increase our awareness and make better choices. I really love this big picture stuff!

Until recently, my focus was on helping individuals change and grow. No time or interest in social-political movements that focused on the collective. Now all that has changed. Why?

Along with a growing number of people I'm now aware that a controlling, power-hungry elite is trying to decrease our awareness and limit our choices. Welcome to the New World Order. The NWO agenda is against everything I stand for; both as a wholistic educator and a human being (see my nwo article). In response to this threat I've changed the focus of my work and much of the content of this site.

While personal growth is still of vital interest to me, it's no longer enough! In an unbalanced world where our human qualities are being suppressed, I believe we must use the strength we derive from our inner growth to create meaningful freedom projects and social-political actions. Many things need to change if we are to collectively experience lives of balance and harmony.

Due to the elitist control of the money system, just about everything in our society has been corrupted or tainted in some way. Our health care system lacks a compassionate heart and is built around Big Pharma profits. Our media hides the truth from us. Our education system discourages critical thinking and encourages conformity to authority. Our agriculture system produces genetically modified, chemically polluted non-food. Our politicians follow a corporate agenda based on maximizing profit at the expense of our human rights and the environment.

Is it any wonder that we feel so stressed these days? But there's good news! Our growing awareness and better choices is moving us toward the restoration of balance and harmony on Earth. What is critical is that each of us strengthen and support that process. How?

By first getting our own houses in order and making a full commitment to our personal growth. We will need to develop a full awareness of the current situation and the fighting spirit to overcome our fears. We will need to work with others and actively resist all forms of manipulation and injustice through non-violent protest and non-compliance.

My work as a wholistic educator is to offer you information, inspiration, and the tools to not only support your own personal growth but to help you make a meaningful difference in the lives of your family, community, and your nation.

To hear my wholistic message in person, consider attending one of my public talks. To access wholistic information, please try my free online course, explore my articles library, or my blog.To enhance your growth through direct and meaningful personal experiences, consider joining a growth circle or doing some vision keeping work with me.

May the Creator guide and protect us all as we move through these perilous times. Prepare yourself and be well,
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Michael's signature
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Michael Greenstein,
wholistic educator


My Passions

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Vision Keeping
helping individuals and groups
find and live their visions

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Growth Circles
resolving challenges with the
loving support of others

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Freedom Circle logo
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Freedom Projects
to exercise our rights,
increase our choices.
reclaim our resources

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Online Education
Living in Balance and Harmony,
a big picture of human life.

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Public Presentations
to motivate, inspire, and provide
important whole life information

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