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Part 2:  Our Complete Human Identity

Self-knowledge is one of the keys to building a life of balance and harmony. To truly know ourselves, we need to understand our complete human identity i.e. our origin, path, purpose, and duties, not just the physical presence we identify with at this moment.

Now this part gets a little tricky. I'm going to suggest to you that we are not our physical bodies, although it can feel that way. I'm also going to tell you we are not the thoughts that are constantly passing through our mind nor are we our body-driven emotions. All these things are the accessories we've been given to help us during our time on Earth. So, if we're not all these things then who are we?

Who We Are

We are multi-dimensional beings created to experience life in both spiritual and material form. Our essence or original nature is spiritual. Our original home is in the spiritual dimension.

The path of human life, as willed by our Creator, leads us from our spiritual home, through the material world, and back home. Our present reality in physical form on Earth is one important phase of our complete human journey.

Our purpose here on Earth is to develop and strengthen our human qualities under conditions not found in our spiritual home. The Earth is our school and training ground. It challenges us to become completely involved in material life without losing our spiritual identity.

To fully benefit from our Earthly training, we are given the temporary use of a physical body. Within this body we are asked to form direct relationships with the different life forms on this Earth, something that would not be possible in our original spiritual or light body.

It is through these relationships that our human qualities of compassion, love, patience, tolerance, and co-operation are developed and strengthened.

Growth Through Relationships is Why We're Here on Earth.

Relationships are essentially energy exchanges. On Earth our physical body is the intermediary through which we exchange energy with material objects, plants, animals, and other humans in physical form.

During these exchanges our body reacts to any energy it receives by producing physical sensations. These sensations provide us with the feedback that connects us with the material world and helps us learn more about the nature of our relationship partners.

It is then our duty to interpret and respond to these sensations in a way that displays our human qualities. By paying attention to the nature of the energies entering and leaving our body (self awareness) we learn how to interact with the different forms of life without sacrificing our identity as human beings.

Protecting our true identity while on Earth requires that we co-operate with the beings and energies of the material world while remaining aware of our own human nature. This is made possible by establishing and maintaining a spiritual connection with our Creator; a connection that guides, purifies, and reminds us.

Receiving this guidance and purification is called worship. Worship prevents us from being overwhelmed by the forces of material life to the extent that we forget who we really are. Worship is a spiritual receiving that may or may not be present in religious practices.

Relationship Work and Worship,Our Two Human Duties

Worship is an act of submission in which we quiet the physical actions of our body and allow the Power of our Creator to cleanse and guide us. Work is an act of will in which we make use of all our body's resources to form relationships with material objects, plants, animals, and fellow human beings.

It is the nature and quality of our relationships that determine our degree of development while on Earth. When we can demonstrate an ability to relate with all forms of life in a truly human way, our training on Earth is completed and we are ready to return to our spiritual home.

Experiential Exercise: Who Am I?

Let's quiet ourselves from the normal distractions of daily life and take a personal inventory by asking the following questions:
  • Why am I here on Earth?
  • What is my life mission?
  • Are my current thoughts, feelings, and actions supporting this mission?
  • Are any of my resources over active or under active?
  • Are all parts of my being working toward the same goal?
  • Am I my body? ... Where do I go when my body dies?

Don't worry if the answers to some of these questions aren't clear yet. They're BIG questions. Consider performing this personal inventory regularly as a check in and reminder.


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