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Part 1:  Introduction

Great changes are now sweeping the Earth. Centuries-old beliefs and values that shaped our parents lives are rapidly being replaced by technologies and attitudes for a "new age". Every culture and tradition is being challenged, every aspect of life is affected.

The nature and speed of these changes has created enormous stress on all living systems. Some of us have reacted by numbing our discomfort with a variety of distractions and addictive behaviours. We have avoided intimacy in the hope of protecting ourselves from the craziness happening around us. But the price of this withdrawal is often very high i.e. loss of joy, isolation and loneliness, lack of inner growth, etc.

Do we have to withdraw from today's high-stress, frenetic world to be happy? Consider this. Perhaps many of our personal difficulties are not about what is happening "out there" but relate to something that is missing in our own life experiences. That something can be described as a clear sense of purpose, direction, and values that enables us to freely express who we are without being overwhelmed by the unhealthy agendas and energies around us!

The following pages are intended to help you develop a solid foundation on which to build a life of balance and harmony, a life in which you can feel real, alive, and connected with others. The information presented is based on a way of living called wholism.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Michaelg and I am a wholistic educator, Community Circles facilitator, and VisionKeeper. Some of the themes of my work include:

- see life's Big Picture and then attend to the daily details
- recognize and deal with energies and balance points, not personalities
- personal growth = increased self awareness and better choices
- find a clear vision that motivates and inspires us; then live it!
- develop 21st century life skills to successfully live our vision each day
- find our right work, right life partner, right spiritual practice
- use all parts of our being to create spiritual - material balance

The content of the following pages are explored and experienced in the Community Circles I have begun to facilitate. What can't be described in this course are the two-way dialogues, sudden insights, the expressions of deep feelings, and the growth of mutual respect and admiration that occurs when people meet together in a Circle to learn from each other.

The material in Living in Balance and Harmony is a reflection of the dynamic process of my own growth. As such, its content will continue to change as I am changed. The pages you are now reading are the seventh major revision since I first wrote this material in 1994.

Before proceeding, I wish to acknowledge the profound influence that a spiritual receiving known as Subud still has on my life and express my deep gratitude to Subud's founder and pioneer, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (1901-1987). For more information on Subud, follow this link. link to Subud

I would also like to ask your forgiveness if anything that you are about to read offends your religious, spiritual beliefs, or core beliefs in any way or distracts you in your search for a path that is right for you. That was not my intention.

Now let's get started!

My material is presented in the form of a short course on human development. I recommend that you read it in its' numerical sequence. i.e. Part 1.. then Part 2.. etc. For greater clarity and understanding in dealing with certain ideas found in this course I offer the following:

Course Terms

Life   The purposeful movement of energy to where it is needed.
Energy   The forces that cause things to vibrate, move, and experience life.
System   A container or structure for life activities in which all the components are interconnected and contributing to the structure's successful functioning.
Relationship   The temporary connection that forms when there is an exchange of energy between two or more living beings.
Balance   A state in which the energetic needs of each partner in a relationship has been satisfied.
Harmony   A state inwhich all relationship partners are co-operating and working toward a common goal.
Wholistic   A system, relationship, approach to living, etc. that's in balance and harmony.
Spiritual   An energetic measurement that defines the world of light beings including humans in their spiritual bodies.
Material   An energetic measurement that defines the world of minerals, plants, animals, and humans in their physical bodies.

Good reading and I hope this material may make a beneficial difference in your life.

Michael Greenstein,
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visionkeeper, wholistic educator, community circles facilitator
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