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Part 5: Living in Balance and Harmony

A life of balance and harmony is every living beings birthright. Our universe is designed to ensure that we all experience these states as long as we remain aware and align ourselves with its great laws that guide all systems and relationships.

The Earth and all its living systems are not in balance and harmony at the moment. We are experiencing a crisis in our relationships with all forms of life on Earth. Yet there is hope because there are things we can be and do to change this.

We can begin by working on our own inner states. Not only will this dramatically improve the quality of our personal lives but it will also contribute to an increase in the degree of balance and harmony being experienced in the world.

This online course was created to provide us with a clearer sense of purpose and direction. It promotes values that will enable us to freely express who we really are as human beings without being overwhelmed by the unhealthy agendas and energies now out there. In the first four sections we presented:

  • an overview of current world conditions and some course vocabulary
  • a big picture look at our complete identity as human beings
  • descriptions of the two great universal laws that govern all our actions
  • key elements in what's gone wrong in our recent human development

This section presents the five essential elements that we'll need to experience greater balance and harmony in our lives. Consider it a to-do list for personal growth and healing. The active, daily presence of these five elements will ensure that

Please remember that the guiding principle in creating a life of balance and harmony is increased awareness leading to better actions. Five key elements are:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Conscious Actions Based on Choice
  3. A Daily Spiritual Practice
  4. Vision keeping
  5. A Healthy Mix of 21st Century Life Skills

Let's explore these five elements.

1. Self Awareness

Our life on Earth brings us into continuous contact with a variety of energies. Whether we are conscious of their presence or not, these energies are constantly altering our state of being. Self-Awareness is the ongoing process of watching our changing state of being. It involves observing and identifying:

Our Outward Behaviour: what our body is physically doing, the state in which it is doing it, and how its actions seem to be affecting other living beings around us and vice versa.

Our Internal State: our body's reactions to the different energies that are entering and leaving us. These reactions take the form of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. For many of us these reactions can feel like"I", but they aren't. They are our physical body's communications with "I".

By practising self-awareness we can learn who or what is "pulling our strings" and observe whether our actions or reactions to these stimulations are in harmony with our human nature, vision, and life purpose.

Self-Awareness is most useful when it's an integrated part of our daily lives. We don't have to stop what we normally do in order to watch ourselves. By observing our internal and external state as we move from place to place and action to action, we can begin to learn how to make conscious choices in any circumstances instead of simply reacting to the energies, people, and events around us. If the purpose of our life on Earth is to develop our human qualities, then the practice of self-awareness is at the core of the personal growth process.

2. Conscious Actions Based on Choice

There is a critical moment in time after we first become aware of something and before we respond with some form of action. It is in that special moment that we are given the opportunity of choice. Other than immediate instinctual reactions needed for our physical safety, every action we take can be a conscious one i.e. the result of choice.

Acting consciously changes the quality of our lives from that of puppets to aware human beings. It helps us avoid extreme mood swings, acts of violence and cruelty, and many other relationship-destroying actions. Our lives are no longer determined by what's out there but by our conscious choices about how we are going to respond to what's out there.

Here's some examples; we can choose to simply flop down on a chair or be aware of which muscles to use for a more elegant and controlled sitting process. We can consciously choose how we speak to others, how we vote, how we water plants, how we eat, how we relate with our family and friends, and much more. The more we act with awareness the greater the possibility that our actions will be more human in nature i.e. more loving, compassionate, co-operative, patient, tolerant, etc. Conscious actions produce win-win relationships where all the relationship partners are aware of each others needs and work co-operatively to ensure all needs are met.

3. A Daily Spiritual Practice

Living in balance and harmony requires the creation of spiritual-material balance.

For 21st century men and women who are constantly encouraged to think .. will ... do, the act of quieting our mental processes and disengaging our will is not an easy one. Yet no amount of successful science, technology, or clever thinking can make up for a lack of spiritual connection and the balance it brings to our lives.

Spiritual connection is the action of being quiet and receiving what we need from the Universal Energy that we are all immersed in at every moment. Living in today's world without a daily spiritual practice is like rolling in mud all day without having access to clean water to wash ourselves in.

The absence of spiritual-material balance creates an opening for the three plagues now devastating our Earth; materialism,competitiveness, and egoism. A daily spiritual practice protects us from these inhuman behaviours by supervising and quieting our ego, mind, and willfulness and awakening our compassionate feelings. Compassion-driven people are not competitive, are not egoistic, and understand that there is more to human life than simply acquiring material possessions or manipulating all forms of life for personal benefit.

Spiritual connection aligns our individual nature with the Great Laws that operate throughout the universe. This connection becomes our internal guidance system that enables us to make good choices and reveal our human qualities in our daily interactions with others.

Please read my WCN library article entitled  Identifying a Healthy Spiritual Practice

4. Vision keeping

There is a noticeable difference in the quality of our lives when we have a clear vision or purpose that inspires and motivates our daily actions. Living with passion and commitment is how happy, productive people get that way! They are vision-driven. Vision keeping is the process of identifying, holding, and living our visions in our daily lives.

Identifying our visions is a psychological, philosophical, emotional,and spiritual process that involves exploring and discovering who we are i.e. our talents, interests, values, etc., and then naming what excites us enough to fully commit our heart and mind to making it happen daily.

Holding our visions requires the regular renewal of our passion for and commitment to our visions by employing vision-renewal tools and strategies. These can involve retreats, rituals, Circles, family or staff meetings, etc.

Living our visions is a practical process requiring focused actions using a variety of 21st century skills involving management, marketing, and communication strategies. It is a time when we get to walk our talk!

Many of us are numbing ourselves with distractions and addictive behaviours because we don't have the clear sense of purpose and direction that an active vision provides for us. We feel empty inside and are weary of acting out other peoples agendas and visions.

Please visit my visionkeeper site to learn more about the vision keeping process.

5. A Healthy Mix of 21st Century Life Skills

The "material" part of the spiritual-material balance point involves the development of a wide variety of health, work, and relationship that are based on a combination of ancient wisdom and the latest advances in science and technology. This means knowing how to make full use of a computer to access, store, and communicate information, knowing how to manage our time, energy, money, and other resources, knowing how to use stress-reduction and other wellness skills to keep our whole being healthy and productive, and more.

Any individual, family, community, and nation who wants to thrive and prosper in the 21st century will need to embrace the contributions of science and technology to complement their regular spiritual connection. Relying on our Creator to provide for our material well being is a perilous path to follow. Yes, the Universal Energy will guide us but we must take care of the material details and that means the development and use of 21st century life skills.

We need to educate ourselves properly. Many of us who are now experiencing material poverty because we either don't have access to enough scientific and technical information or don't understand how to make use of it. Yet this information is out there and easily available. The presence of the Internet has completely changed the learning process. It has made accessing information the easiest it has ever been in this current historical cycle.

Take an inventory of your own health, work, and relationship skills. What's missing? Consider taking an online course, learning a specific skill through a free online tutorial, joining a Skills Circle, etc. It's never too late to develop the skills you need.

Please visit my Circles site  to get the encourage and inspiration you need to prosper.


Wholism, the model for this course, is a way of living that is based on creating and maintaining balanced and harmonious relationships, both within our own being and with all living beings around us. It encourages the fulfilment of our two human duties, spiritual connection and active involvement in material world relationships. It encourages self awareness and the use of all parts of our being in supporting a noble vision. It respects the Universal Laws and welcomes the contributions of both science and spirituality, thought and feeling, acts of will and acts of submission, etc. It views life as a great balancing act, balancing the satisfaction of our own spiritual and material needs with the needs of others.

On a planet whose guardians (us) have experienced several centuries of unsupervised thinking and lack of spiritual connection, the emergence of wholistic values and practices are beginning to make a beneficial difference in the world. Slowly but surely, a critical mass of people are beginning to choose attitudes and lifestyles that encourage self awareness, compassion and co-operation. For this we can thank the Creator whose Universal Laws do not allow a state of imbalance and disharmony to remain in place indefinitely. Divine intervention is occurring on Earth and we're it!

Michaelg, Vancouver, B.C., latest revision Mar 2013

This ends the"Living in Balance and Harmony" online course. I hope it inspired and motivated you. If you would like me to facilitate a Circle, do some vision keeping work, or present a talk on wholistic themes, please contact me at: michael"at"michaelg.ca

Thank you and may the Creator guide and bless us all. Michaelg

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