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Part 3:  Universal Laws

The universe is an orderly place, in spite of the chaos we observe on Earth at times. Every form of life and every action that occurs in the universe is governed by patterns known as Universal Laws. We human beings are the only species that is foolish enough to try and live outside these laws. Whether through pride or ignorance, we continue to break these great rules of life and consequently end up hurting ourselves and the other species that share our planet.


The Universal Laws are based on creating and maintaining two fundamental energetic states: balance and harmony. Everything that happens in the universe can be described in terms of systems, relationships, and living beings either moving toward or away from these two states. Life itself is the ongoing process of creating balance and harmony by moving energy to where it's needed (by means of relationships). The good news is that our universe was designed to provide every living being with the opportunity to experience balance and harmony by simply being in alignment with these great universal patterns or laws.

There are two laws that describe how balance and harmony are created and maintained in the universe: the Law of Unity and Separation and the Law of Vibrations


The Law of Unity and Separation

ALL THINGS WERE ONE:  No matter how the universe now appears, all life is connected and shares the same source. There is no "them" and "us", only all of us here together. Every rock, plant, animal, human, angel, etc. that has ever existed has the same Creator and is made from the same original "stuff". Since everything is connected, the actions of any form of life effects all other forms, we are all responsible to and for each other.

SEPARATE DIMENSIONS AND LEVELS WERE CREATED  The universe has a designed structure. Everything exists in its appropriate dimension or level according to its own nature. The higher the level, the greater the capacities and the greater the responsibilities. The major divisions in the universe are the material dimension (minerals, plants, animals, physical humans) and the spiritual dimension (angels and other light beings). We humans, as multi-dimensional beings, live in both dimensions at different stages on our path.

ELEMENTS UNITE AND SEPARATE  Once individual particles (matter) came into existence, two basic processes began. Growth: the uniting of individual particles and Decay: their separation. These ongoing actions ensure that continuous change is the natural state of the universe.

ALL WILL BE ONE AGAIN  Eventually life in its present form will cease and the divisions in the universe will no longer exist. At that point the universe will return to its original state of unity. Only our Creator knows whether a new cycle will begin after that.

This great pattern of returning to the source or starting point is repeated in cycles of existence throughout the universe. The symbol of this is the circle.

Three Affirmations Based on the Law of Unity and Separation:

First Affirmation:  "Each day I live in harmony with all the members of my extended family, accepting all forms of life as part of that family. I observe how my mind compares and labels things by categories, thus separating them from me. I balance this action of separation by inner feelings of love and compassion for all forms of life."

Second Affirmation:  "Each day I experience the different natures of my fellow humans and the other forms of life I relate with. I accept these differences as part of the Creator's universal design. I use my inner feelings to experience the unity that connects all things regardless of their different outward appearance and behaviour".

Third Affirmation  "Each day I experience change as I observe all things moving through their stages of growth and decay. I know that nothing remains exactly the same with each passing moment. Knowing this, I adopt behaviour and attitudes that accept and expect change. Each day I thank our Creator for allowing me to experience whatever is placed in front of me. I face life with great confidence knowing that I will be allowed to return to my spiritual home when this phase of my development is completed".

The Law of Unity and Separation is the foundation of all wisdom and knowledge. It reveals the Big Picture of how the universe is structured and how it operates. The second great law is the Law of Vibrations.


The Law of Vibration

ALL THINGS VIBRATE AND HAVE ENERGY  The universe is in a dynamic state. Everything is moving and has energy. Energy gives us life and the capacity to participate in the many processes of life. Every object with this capacity can be considered alive. Vibration .. Energy .. Life are different words describing the same process.

THE HIGHER THE RATE OF VIBRATION ... THE GREATER THE ENERGY  The property that determines the nature of any object is how rapidly it vibrates, i.e. how much energy it possesses. All objects are composed of different arrangements of the same elementary particles. Each arrangement has its own frequency and therefore its own amount of energy.

THE GREATER THE ENERGY ... THE HIGHER THE LEVEL OF EXISTENCE  Different energy levels result in different behaviours. The more energy an object has, the greater its capacity to participate in higher life activities. While a stone, a plant, an animal, and a human being may all be made of the same basic particles, the nature and quality of their lives differ because of their energetic qualities.

Three Affirmations Based on the Law of Vibrations:

First Affirmation:  "Each day I experience that everything is alive, even if I can't see the vibrating nature of all things with my physical eyes. I learn to honour all things that enter my life as sacred manifestations of the Creator".

Second Affirmation:  "Each day I become more aware that the nature and quality of my own state of being (my rate of vibration) determines how I am living and what I am able to accomplish".

Third Affirmation:  "Each day I quiet myself and feel the vibrating Presence of the Creator within and around me. This gives me the awareness and strength to love, feel compassion, co-operate with others, show tolerance and patience, and offer forgiveness."


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