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Part 4:  What's Gone Wrong

Human beings have been living and training on Earth for millions, perhaps billions of years. Each historical cycle has provided us with a unique set of opportunities and conditions in which to practice being human. This current cycle is no different.

The last two centuries have seen an incredibly growth in scientific and technological knowledge, accompanied by rapid changes in the way we relate with each other. This "progress" has been made at a terrible cost. We are destroying plant and animal life, constantly waging war among ourselves, disrupting our weather patterns, exploiting our natural resources in non sustainable ways, etc.

These symptoms are not acts of nature. They are the symptoms of our unbalanced human development. We have created a crisis in our relationships with all forms of life on Earth, one that no amount of science or technology on its own can correct. Both the problem and the solution lie within us. We must change how we operate on the inside and use these internal changes to form healthier relationship with all other living beings around us.

As the Earth's guardians and dominant species, our internal state and external actions effect all living things on this planet. If the world is not in balance and harmony, it is because collectively we are not in balance and harmony. So what's gone wrong?

1. Many of us are not Self Aware. We aren't paying attention to what's happening inside and around us in each moment and are unable to make conscious choices. Many of us are just sleepwalking through life, reacting to whatever energies, people, and events come our way.

When billions of us become puppets, who gets to pull our strings? The list of 21st century puppet masters includes multinational corporations, corrupt and undemocratic governments, religious and political fanatics, greedy entrepreneurs, and more. If we don't practice daily awareness or have a vision that drives our daily lives, i.e. remain empty inside, vacuums are created and others will use these openings to impose their own values and agendas on us.

Our collective lack of self awareness and conscious actions has taken away our power and enabled psychopaths to rule our lives. Their agendas are creating the constant presence of wars, poverty, social injustice, denial of human rights, etc., and we are passively playing their games. People who are self aware and make conscious choices won't be manipulated by mass advertising, political trickery, the numbing presence of television, and the others vehicles and methods being used for the purposes of mass manipulation.

2. Many of us don't have a Daily Spiritual Practice. We have not created the needed Spiritual-Material Balance in our lives.

Today billions of us do not have a daily spiritual practice. We live as if our physical body is who we are and the material world is all that exists. Without a spiritual connection and an awareness of our own spiritual nature, the sole (soul) focus of our lives has become the satisfaction of our material needs and comforts.

Without regular spiritual connection, many of us are falling prey to materialism; a disease of the spirit whose symptoms include the belief that all living beings are merely objects to be manipulated and controlled for personal gain. While this condition may produce impressive science and technology the long term result is the destruction of different forms of life on Earth. History shows us that what we objectify, commodify, and disrespect, we eventually destroy.

3. Many of us are trying to think our way through life. We are not using our other personal resources in a balanced and harmonious way. We have overdeveloped our intellects at the expense of our feelings, intuitions, and physical senses.

Thinking is a valuable personal resource that helps us organize and plan the structure of our material life, i.e. the details of doing. It is a process in which our brain analyses, compares, labels, categorizes, and stores the information it receives from our senses.

While vital for our well being on Earth, thinking alone is an incomplete way of experiencing life. It must be accompanied by our senses, intuitions, and inner feelings, the parts of our awareness that provides us with the details of being. It is through the use of these now neglected resources and our spiritual connection that we identify our human needs and those of our relationship partners.

Today, encouraged by our societies materialistic agendas, many of us are responding to every situation by thinking about it. Unless we can balance our thinking with feelings that are sensitized to the needs of others, we will continue to produce great science and miserable relationships.

4. Many of us don't have a Clear Vision of what we need to do here on Earth. Without a vision to guide us, we are forced to adopt the visions and agendas of others. Some of these materialistic, competitive, and ego-driven agendas are extremely unhealthy and are destroying our collective ability to live in balance and harmony.

Many of us don't have this clear vision and are relying on what's "out there" to motivate us and determine our fate. We have stopped feeling authentic and our lives now have little meaning beyond physical survival. We don't move in any clear direction. The future doesn't excite us. We feel numb and overwhelmed by a high-stress, demanding world. We sleepwalk through our days relying on addictions and distractions to hide our pain.

A vision-driven life is an authentic one! It's about meaning, focus, and clear direction. The good news is that every individual and organization can become vision-driven. The bad news is that too few us are living our visions and the world is suffering because of this.

5. Many of us don't have the right mix of proven wisdom practices and 21st century life skills to thrive in a high-stress, changing world. We aren't integrating the guidance of spiritual practices with the advances in modern science and technology.

Many of us have bought into the idea that science and technology can accomplish anything and all we have to do to thrive in the world is increase our technical knowledge and access more information. We make use of computer and Internet technology and advanced personal communication devices, rely on pharmaceutical-surgical healthcare, use up the planets resources without awareness, and generally think our way through life. The result; a lot of toys to play with, little joy in our lives, and few meaningful relationships.

There are also others among us who reject or have never been exposed to modern technology and lifestyles and rely on a connection with the Creator to thrive. We have become experts at meditation and prayers, we obediently follow the rules of the holy books and our "spiritual" leaders, and resign ourselves to whatever material conditions we find ourselves in. As a result of our lack of scientific and technical skills we have fallen behind in terms of our education, healthcare, living conditions, etc. Some meaningful relations for sure; accompanied by poverty and all that state implies.

A whole, complete human being has an active spiritual life and an active involvement in the material world. S/he gets Big Picture guidance from a daily spiritual practice and acts on that guidance using the modern life skills s/he has developed through a variety of skill development practices. Due to our current unbalanced development as human beings we have relatively few whole or complete human beings living in the world today. The consequences can be seen, heard, and felt each day.

In the next section, Part 5., we will explore the essential ingredients needed to live in balance and harmony. Before that try the experiential exercise below. Why an experiential exercise ? To really understand something words and intellectual ideas are not enough! More and more people want to fully experience life events by using their senses, intuitions, emotions, etc.

Experiential Exercise: Self Awareness and Conscious Relationships

Try to stay attentive during an eight-hour period and be aware of the energetic exchanges that are taking place in your encounters with other living beings. Be aware and document some of these encounters from the perspective of how your state of being effects and is effected by other living beings around you.

example # 1. I was feeling light and happy until I went for a long walk with my sister Mary. Afterward I felt very "heavy". Mary was having a bad day and I suspect that I was absorbing her energy as I "empathized" with her pain.

example # 2. I noticed a sad little puppy who was left all alone in a car. When I gazed at him affectionately, he seemed to "perk up" as he sensed my affectionate attention. I didn't say a word, just sent him my love.

example # 3. I've been watching what I eat lately and notice how different foods create different states within me. Meat seems to make me more assertive and ambitious while rice has the opposite effect! Sugary foods make me ......., alcohol makes me feel ......, etc.

Be sure to include encounters with food, plants, and material objects as well as with the people and animals you meet. It's not just people who we exchange energy with each day. Everything is alive and effects us in some way, as we effect them.

See if you can sense what your energy partners need or are trying to obtain from you. If you can sense their needs, you can then make a conscious choice to either give or not give your energy to them. This decision can be based on your energetic state at that given moment. Remember increased awareness leads to better choices.


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