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Where I Stand
I Strongly Support:
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1. full human rights and freedoms
2. conscious, balanced living
3. co-operative approaches
4. authentic spiritual practices
5. consultation and democracy
6. non-violent protest
7. a free and open Internet
8. dr hamer's german new medicine
9. organic agriculture & gardening
10. fair trade practices
11. natural healing practices
12. mutual credit money systems

I Want to Help Change
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or Non-Violently Resist
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1. one world government and army
2. competitive, divisive models
3. monetizing all human activities
4. partisan, corrupt money systems
5. the drugs-surgery medical model
6. unhealthy agribusiness practices
7. chemtrails, HAARP, mind control

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irc project
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travel journal


Public Presentations

I offer talks and presentations on subjects I'm passionate about in order to touch peoples hearts as well as their minds. The teacher in me has important information I want to share. The therapist in me wants to help heal old wounds. The human rights defender in me wants to tell anyone who will listen that there is a conspiracy going on to decrease our awareness and limit our choices; and what we can do to rise above it.

My presentations are interactive processes. Questions are encouraged and I check in regularly with my audience to make sure they're receiving things that interest them and that they want to know. I'm very clear that I'm there to serve my audience, not vice versa!

The gifts I bring to my talks and presentations are an ability to take very complex themes, distil them to their essence, and communicate that essence in an easily understood way; without "dumbing it down".

My approach is often to present the big picture first in order to help understand what's really going on and then focus on any practical actions and projects that will resolve a specific problem or simply improve the overall quality of our daily lives.

Wholism, the subject I teach, is about how to create balance and harmony in all areas of our lives and in all our relationships. With all that's going on in the world these days, I feel it's important to describe some of the tools we'll need to survive and thrive as individuals, families, and communities.

To those who are experiencing a great deal of stress and pain these days, I'll address this issue by describing how much of our pain and suffering is being engineered and is not the result of some vengeful God or an unfair universe. We'll talk about our current political, financial, educational, medical, and agricultural systems and how they're contributing to our collective state of balance and harmony; or aren't.

I invite you to attend one of my presentations and ask questions, express your feelings, and possibly change the way you see yourself and the world around you. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to meet in person.


Organizing a Presentation

Booking: Begin by e-mailing me at: michael"at"   ("at" = @)

What Theme?: Choose an area of life that's important to your group and we'll create a presentation that looks at the big picture as well as the details of daily life. My passions include personal growth, whole person health, living your vision, right work, social justice, human rights.

Speaking Fees: $ 50.00 - $ 350.00 per speaking hour; based on the size of the audience and the resources of my sponsor. Note: I don't do this work for the money; it's my passion and right work! I will negotiate if your group or organization is under financial stress and I really believe in your mission.

Be Well and Be Prepared,
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Michael's signature
Michael Greenstein,
wholistic educator


My Passions

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Vision Keeping
helping individuals and groups
find and live their visions

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Growth Circles
resolving challenges with the
loving support of others

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Freedom Circle logo
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Freedom Projects
to exercise our rights,
increase our choices.
reclaim our resources

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Freedom Circle logo
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Online Education
Living in Balance and Harmony,
a big picture of human life.

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Public Presentations
to motivate, inspire, and provide
important whole life information

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