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General Info

Individual, Couple: 65.00 / hour
Small Group or Business: 95.00 / hr

Work Locations
Enderby-Vernon (B.C.), home base
Northern Okanagan locations

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e-mail: visionkeeper"at"
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wholistic education
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freedom projects
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growth circles

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image of man with outstretched arms Hold Your Vision

There are lots of visions competing for our attention today. Many are based on competitive and materialistic agendas not aligned with our own values. Holding our vision in stressful times requires awareness and effort.

My role in the vision holding process is to help you renew your passion for your vision by providing you with vision-renewal tools and strategies.

I offer the following vision holding services:

Dialogue that Inspires and Motivates: Theme Examples

  • What's Happening Globally; so you think you got problems!
  • Passion and Commitment; the glue that holds things together
  • Challenges as Opportunities; using the tests life gives us
  • Can You Feel It? is your vision still driving your life?
Vision Events and Ceremonies: Renewal Strategies
  • Ceremonies: award, recognition, morale boosters, etc.
  • Retreats: one-day, weekend, etc.
  • Newsletters and Documents: your history, latest news, etc.
  • Vision Awareness Training: for management and staff
  • In-House Workshops: on vision-related themes
Renewing Vision and Mission Statements
  • Revisiting Your Vision: is it still alive and meaningful?
  • Revisiting Your Mission; are your actions aligned with your mission?

Holding your vision is an ongoing part of the vision keeping process. It is especially needed when your personal or organizational life is very stressful, your morale is low, and challenges are everywhere! It is also valuable when things feel stuck, lifeless, and your focus and direction are not clear. Why not make renewing your vision an annual event. Contact me for more details.

Prepare yourself and be well,
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Michael's signature
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Michael Greenstein,
vision keeper


Michael's Profile

Work Background (40 yrs)
  • Counsellor
  • Health Educator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Coach
  • Computer Trainer
  • Web-Print Designer
Personal Qualities
  • Patient
  • Authentic
  • Values-Driven
  • Compassionate
  • Sees the Big Picture
  • Service to Others
Life Experiences
  • Father of 5, Writer
  • Coach, Martial Artist
  • Non-Profit Administrator
  • Spiritual Practitioner
Michael's Services
  • Inspiring Dialogues
  • Experiential Exercises
  • Vision Statements
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Marketing Skills
  • Web & Print Design

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